Beet Root


Create a concept logo and point of sale flyer for a new veggie-centric
branded station in the hospital retail space.


Café  patrons, which include nurses, doctors, hospital employees,
patients’ families, and visitors.


Fresh and vibrant pop-up restaurant.
Concept name: Beet Root
Tagline: Rooted in Goodness

1. Sketch

2. Digitize, explore alternatives and color palettes

3. Final Version

Usually there is client feedback during this process, making the logo specifically tailored to the client’s preference.
The final logo could have been a variation of any of the above.

4. Poster

  • Created a sense of urgency by stating it is available only for a limited time.
  • Decided to use “unbeetable flavors”. In a hospital setting, “Let the beet drop”, and “you make my heart skip a beat” might trigger negative emotions on the patients and/or visitors.
  • Made it look fresh and vibrant by fine-tuning the color palette, and by not cluttering the poster with many elements; deciding to use only one food image. Finally decided on the burger since it would appeal to a wider audience, but still mentioning the rest of the menu items.
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