Art Director Questionnaire

What is your role in the development of creative deliverables?

Since our creative team is a small one, I have a very hands on approach to our projects, from the creative brief, all the way to creative deliverables. Below is our bi-mestral printed B2B publication where I am in charge of the final product.

What is your video experience?

I am familiar with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. I usually take templates and edit them to produce our specific desired results. I sometimes take videos at trade shows our company attends and edit them using Adobe Premiere.

Test explainer animation I developed for our sister company, a Hispanic Food Distributor:

Short animation that we circulate on linkedin to promote our bimestral B2B magazine.

“Elevator pitch” animation I developed from concept, to copy, to animation explaining our magazine to prospective clients at trade shows.

What is your level of illustration capabilities?

The link below leads to the personal section of my website where I have posted some of my Instagram account’s illustrations:

What is your level of digital experience?

Besides the print publication, I am constantly developing and updating digital assets.

What types of digital assets have you created and do you understand the development process (CSS and HTML)?

Banners, slide presentations, websites, landing pages, newsletters. I understand and can troubleshoot HTML and CSS code.

I have worked with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Bronto and am in charge of our newsletter design, making HTML + CSS changes when needed. I also developed the following landing page for Tecate, targeted towards Hispanic store owners, encouraging them to sell Tecate, and displaying a form where they would input their zip code and we would show them their nearest Tecate distributor:

Websites: (Our marketing agency) (Our bimestral publication)

Quick Figma layout for a dog walking business:

A Figma Layout and WordPress site done for a therapy practice:

What is your level of ad concept experience and collaboration within a team framework?

I have worked as a team with a copywriter to develop ads for our publication.